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Spinal Decompression

Spine modelThe team at The Clinic on Elm offers a full suite of natural health solutions. Along with chiropractic, and physiotherapy, we provide spinal decompression therapy. This form of therapy is highly effective for a range of spinal-related problems. It can be completed as a part of your chiropractic or physiotherapy plan.

Our State-of-the-Art Decompression Table

We utilize the KDT spinal decompression table which gives us options in your care. You can have spinal decompression on your back or neck with this table. It can be performed while you’re lying down or seated. We have several ways to address your unique needs with this spinal decompression table.

Some people come in once a week and others like to do this on a maintenance basis. If they’re coming in acute, we’ll recommend spinal decompression more often, then spread them out as they progress. Our goal is to spread them out and not need so many appointments.


Do I need to do anything special when I’m getting spinal decompression therapy?

There aren’t any particular preparations to make. We recommend that you wear comfortable clothing to your appointment that makes it easy for you to move around.

Will I have spinal decompression with my chiropractic or physiotherapy?

That all depends on your particular needs. If we find you’ll benefit from having spinal decompression, you’ll lie on the table for your session before you see your chiropractor or physiotherapist.

Do you have technicians that handle spinal decompression therapy?

No. You will be set up on the spinal decompression therapy by your chiropractor or physiotherapist. They will program the table to go through the type of therapy that’s right for you.

Does my extended health plan cover spinal decompression therapy?

Yes. We’ll be happy to direct bill to your extended health plan for spinal decompression.

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